Litigation and Arbitration

The litigation and arbitration group assists its Swiss and foreign clients in the framework of domestic and international litigation before judicial, administrative and arbitration courts, particularly in the following areas:

Commercial Litigation

  • Representation and assistance with respect to contractual disputes
  • Representation and assistance with respect to business law litigation
  • Liability actions by the Board of Directors
  • Disputes over the validity of the General Assembly’s decisions
  • Disputes related to company names
  • Disputes related to company transformations (mergers and acquisitions)
  • Disputes in the area of competition law
  • Coordination of proceedings abroad

Banking and Financial Litigation

  • Representation and assistance in banking contracts
  • Representation and assistance in liability for mismanagement
  • Judicial actions resulting from fraudulent operations
  • Litigation related to the recovery of retrocessions in the area of asset management


  • Representation and assistance within the framework of domestic and international proceedings
  • Intervention as arbitrator within the framework of domestic and international arbitration proceedings

Employment Litigation

  • Representation of clients within the framework of proceedings before labour courts (conciliation tribunals)
  • Representation to employers within collective labour law litigations
  • Representation and assistance in the framework of employers’ and employees’ liability claims
  • Assistance in the transfer of working relationships
  • Drafting of employment agreements, company regulations and collective labour contracts
  • Advice and assistance in employer-employee negotiations
  • Assistance in the negotiation of collective labour contracts with union partners
  • Assistance in administrative procedures related to labour law

Forced Execution (Seizure, Bankruptcy, Concordat, Receivership)

  • Debt collection
  • Representation in seizure proceedings
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation in proceedings for the sale of a pledge
  • Assistance in reorganization measures and composition proposals
  • Assistance in receivership proceedings

Economic Crime

  • Representation and defence of natural and legal persons in economic crime cases
  • Assistance to persons victim of economic crimes in criminal proceedings

Mutual assistance in Criminal and Administrative Matters

  • Representation of foreign States before Swiss judicial or administrative authorities in international mutual assistance proceedings
  • Representation in international mutual assistance proceedings before the FINMA
  • Representation in administrative assistance and mutual assistance proceedings in tax matters